Yom Hazikaron - Memorial Day in Israel

Written by Mendy Rapoport during his service in the IDF

A soul from the battlefield heavenward ascends,
its mission on this earth ends.
He hasn't been discharged, merely reassigned,
because the oath that he took forever does bind.

Many a victory throughout our long history
have come to fruition miraculously
and to these soldiers of heaven do we owe our thanks
for not all battles can be won with just planes and tanks

Though down here for him we mourn
that from his body his soul was torn,
let us know comfort albeit small,
he hasn't left the battlefield at all.

Arriving in heaven he'll proudly tell,
"Another soldier reporting for duty; I've served my people well."
While those still on the battlefield fight, fiercely do they pray
for the imminent arrival of ultimate peace; may we live to see that day.