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  • ParshahA comprehensive presentation of the weekly Torah reading, including translations, summaries and overviews, Rashi in English, and anthology of classical commentaries, essays based on the teachings of the chassidic masters, a wide selection of contemporary "Parshah Columnists," audio classes and a "Family Parshah" section for kids
  • Mitzvahs for IsraelChoose a Mitzvah for the safety of our brethren in the Holy Land Read More
  • The Rebbe's Assurance Exactly 50 Years Ago“In all of its wars against the nations of the world, the nation of Israel always wins despite being outnumbered.” These are the words that the Rebbe wrote to Chassidim in a letter written before Yom Kippur in 1973.
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  • What You Need to Know About Getting EngagedDoes Judaism have a designated engagement period? Read More
  • What Can the Word “Shabbat” Teach You?More Than Enough Read More
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When Torah first entered our universe through its portal on Mount Sinai, its first word was an Egyptian word...
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