Fall Course Overview: 

Session One: [October 28]
Israel: Why does the world care?
This lesson discusses Avraham’s sojourn to the land of Israel and Hashem’s promise that in the future, his children will inherit the land. Why was the land promised even before the nation existed? In what way is the land of Israel integral to what it means to be Jewish? We visit the city of Be’er Sheva, where G‑d made his covenant with Avraham. We’ll discover that Israel is bound up in our mission as a people and is integral to the way in which we can make an impact on the entire world.
Session Two: [November 4]
Why Makes Israel a Holy Land?
In this lesson we’ll explore Israel's lack of natural resources — isn't it odd that the Jewish people were given a land that has no water, oil, or secure borders? We discuss how these unique qualities enables Israel to become a model home, allowing the Jewish people to fulfill the mission of being “a light unto the nations.” We then tackle the concept of holiness, what does it mean that the land of Israel is "holy?" Finally, we visit Tiberius on the shores of the Kineret.
Session 3: [November 11]
Whose Land is it Anyways?
In this lesson we focus on the various claims that have been made to support Jewish right to live in the land of Israel. Which claims are strong? Which are weak? What is the best way defend Israel's right to exist? Today we visit the city of Hebron, where the matriarchs and patriarchs are buried - the first purchase of land which was recorded in the Torah.
Session Four: [November 28]
The World Against Us: Is Peace Ever Possible?
Why is the UN, much of the world and a good deal of the media biased against Israel? What guidance does Judaism have for Israel’s current situation? Is peace possible? What is the long-term solution for peace? We will discuss Israel’s value system & the sanctity of life as well as explore how Jewish law and Jewish history provide a backdrop for our decision-making and how modern-day Israel can work toward peace. We visit the Golan Heights!
Session Five: [December 2] 
A Jewish State or a State of Jews?
Is there a difference between being Israeli or being Jewish? Does Israel have a responsibility to be “Jewish”? Should there be a separation of Synagogue and State? What can be done to bring modern Israeli society (religious and non-religious) together? We explore the vision of Israel and what it's message is to the world. We visit Tzfat the city of art and mysticism!
Session Six: [December 9]
Israel and Me: What Could I Do Today?
The final lesson will bring the course from Israel to their home, asking each student to make the connection between Israel and their lives. We are all part of the destiny of Israel and have a responsibility to live in a place where we can make an impact. Should our goal as Jews be to live in the US or Israel? What could or should Jews living in the Diapora do for Israel? Why do I care about Israel and its people? We conclude our program by exploring Jerusalem!